Encad Croma 24???

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Recently picked one of these up in a package deal with a couple plotters from an old timer going out of business... I have all the drivers setup and it is running from flexi on windows 7 but i think maybe the jets are clogged the print heads are moving but not spraying anything? Not very familliar with inkjets as I run thermal. I'm sure this has been sitting around a long time ...and dried out. is there anything I can do to see if this thing will still work without buying new cartridges first? I did try dabbing the cartridges with a wet cloth ...

There was ink and new carts with it I did put those in ... but who knows how old they are as well?

Thanks for any help!



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Sold a Croma 24 about 6-7 months ago and had it for about 3 years and it was a pita! The ink would always dry and clog the carts and messy to refill. I switched it over from the dye to pigment inks I think Globalprintsupply.com?? sells new carts for that printer and another guy off of ebay sells them too. Imho the ones from ebay are not as good as the ones from globalprint supply, they clog more often and even had a few go bad.

On a good note, if you have one good cart that will print you can just take it out of the lets say Black holder and put it in the Magenta holder. I know the drivers will work on XP and will output threw flexi (7.6). as long as the head carriage moves it should print fine.

Put the new carts in and see what it does, what the worst that could happen??

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I had one of those a long time a go. They are a pain in the butt....and very slow.

You're only suppose to fill the cartridge with a set amount of ink, and squeeze the cartridge a little when putting the hose nipple on, to give it a little negative pressure.
I had a squeeze suction tool (like a baby's snot sucker) with a square rubber piece on the end,
that fit over the head, and you can suck the ink through.
The larger encads had a battery powered sucker, which works better. Like for a 42e or 500 model.
If you plan on keeping it, you need to find one of these tools, and have it handy.
Also, be prepared to have inky hands.

I used to put witchhazel on the parking pad for the heads to help keep them from drying out.

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Looks like you missed one Bobby...so keep on a cussin' :thumb:

Seriously Ryan....I think that printer will cause you enough grief to be not fun at all. Come on...let Bobby have a talk with it :ROFLMAO: