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Enlarging with photoshop


New Member
In a thread earlier this month there was talk about enlarging or interpolating photos with software. Someone mentioned photoshop cs2 has a new way to do this.

Can anyone let me know the best way?

I currently go to image -- image size and do it there.




New Member
that'd be the way I'd do it, theres a couple of new sharpen options in that dialogue, try bicubic sharpen for enlarging


New Member
PhotoZoom Pro(spline) or check out AlienSkin Effects "Blowup".

The results in PS are mediocure. bicubic is ok for a small enargement. But not 600% or more.


Just Me
We use an old copy of Genuine Fractals that does a much better job than photoshop does on big enlargements.


New Member
Do a search for this topic via the top and you should receive some threads. A long while back someone did go into steps for accomplishing the same thing in PS as you would with Photozoom Pro. Possibly do the search for Photozoom and see if that brings the thread up.