enVision over TCP/IP


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I'm taking advantage from the pandemic by trying to mutualize our 4 Gerber cutters (2*375, 2*750).
For this, I use TCP-COM software (RS232 over IP).
After some tuning it works fairly well, as I can cut on any of them from 3 heterogenous computers.

But, it's not stable, as sometimes the cutter stops in the middle of the job. It goes back to "Start job", with no more job anymore in queue. No error on the computer. The job juste disappears.
The only time I saw that hanging cutter behavior was when one of our custom made 3 pin RS232 cable was dying, and was fixed by soldering back some pins.
Is it possible that I overwhelm the cutter's buffer ? Does the Gerber cutter supports Xon/Xoff if I use a Null modem pinout ? I totally can't see where is the problem.
The real question, did someone ever tried to manage something like this ?
I'm quite new in the cutting world, and I maybe miss something important.

Cheers :)