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.eps or .ai to .jpeg batch converter


Hi all, I have about 1000 "design" brand clipart which I purchased and asked if I could add to my website shopping cart. They said I can. Now I am stuck with the dilema of adding them to my oscommers cart. This software does not accept .eps or . ai format that they are in.

What I need to know is how to batch convert them to .jpeg so I can attach them to the cart software and create my much needed website.

Also, I saw a picture of a user here call "something low" lol that put skulls at the lower half of a trailer and pickup truck. What clipart package is that found in?



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doesnt paint shop pro do that too, sure ive used it for batch processing in the past when I converted from something to something.


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Using Photoshop, only EPS file works well

1) Create a new Action basically includes resizing and saving the image in your desire format
2) Using Batch tool, convert them with the new Action.