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Need Help Epson GS6000 Major problem


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Good day,

Yesterday I noticed my gs6000 was dripping ink, I took a closer look and the drain tube was clogged, so I took her apart per the manual and fixed the clogged tube, I checked all of the other tubes and one more was clogged, it connects to the bottom of one of the caps and goes to a part at the right end of the maintenance station, anyway I unclogged that tube and put her back together, I then ran a nozzle check and it did not look good, so I ran a couple heavy cleanings and nothing changed it seemed to get worse.. Ive cleaned around the caps and flushing pad I performed the carriage maintenance and nothing has improved, I attached a pic of the nozzle check,, would bad caps be the cause of this?

prior to fixing the drain tube clogged the nozzle check was perfect..



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Having (2) of those machines myself, I’m going to guess that you are going to need new printhead(s). I’d also change out the sub tanks. Those are inside the machine on the right.


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I was afraid of that, Its strange because everything was fine and it was printing good before I fixed the tube, the heads where only off the caps for maybe 20 mins,


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OK new problem , the machine thru up a code on the orange cartridge saying it was empty, so I replaced it even tho it feels like it is about half full, so after I replaced the orange I turned on the machine and now it is saying that the green is empty, which I know is not true because the green is only 2 months old..

Is there anyway to reset the ink sensor or levels?????