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Epson r1800 printer & Flexi


New Member
I have a basic Epson r1800 printer and am trying to use Flexi to rip and print to it.

I am doing some indoor prints with contour cuts.

The problem I'm having is the profile....

When Flexi sends the print job, it goes as a default plain paper.

I am using some matte photo paper and the colors are WAY off.
Reds are light pink, bright green is very light.

It seems like I need more ink coverage.

I have tried a few output profile options to no avail....

Many thanks for any help.

(FYI: printing out of photoshop or Ill using the epson print manager works great.)

Pro Image

New Member
Do you have the Epson set up under RIP Printers or are you just using the regular print settings...............


New Member
I am using the RIP & Print Icon.
If I use the printer icon, I get the epson print manager, like all windows programs see.

I have it in the RIP printers as I can see it in Production Manager.


New Member
Okay, that's weird. I have no experience with the wide format Epson printers, so I'm out of suggestions for ya'. But I don't know why it would be doing that..... weird. Sorry man, I'm out of ideas.


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no prob Flame and thanks.....

I may look at using ILL or x3 if I can figure out how to contour cut with them.


New Member
Still no luck getting the a good profile to print through the Flexi RIP.

I can get it to print great with the File-> Print
But using that I don't have any reg. marks to line up for the contour cut.

I have the plugin working with ILL and that works great, the only issue there is my Graphtec doesn't have the ARMS reg sensor, I need to do a manual align.

Any ideas?