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Epson S80600 New Printheads Problem


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Hello All Together,

this is my first post and I hope it is in the right section.

I bought an Epson S80600 with the error 1A39 now he got two new printheads from the Epson technician (5000€)....

It works perfectly, but I always have an ink fog / mist on black and no clean edge on letters, etc. (picture attached).

I have already tried several profiles everywhere the same problem.

The test print looks good.

Does anyone have an idea or experience from his own S80600?

Best regards


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Did the tech install the Printhead? When I got a new head installed, it was misting like that until they did the alignment / adjusted the head height. My guess is your heads are too high and they need to be lowered.


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What thickness is your media? 2-3mil vinyl should run on 1.6. I've even run 6mil on 1.6 before.

I kind of subscribe to the rule that if there is no pattern to the mist, it's probably a platen gap problem (too high). If there is a pattern like yours, it's probably static related.

Has all your test media been glossy? Try running some matte through it.

What is your humidity situation? Is printer on carpet or very close to a wall?