Epson SP9000???

We were given an Epson Stylus Pro 9000 and It needs a print head, DX2 I think, and not sure if that old of a printer is even worth repairing or not. To clean it out, ink it up, and replace at least one head, and then whatever else has dried up from years of setting around not being used, is going to cost at least $400 dollars. We already have a GS6000 and a Roland XC-540 so I'm not sure exactly what I would use it for. I thought about trying to use it for dye-sub, but we don't have a large demand for it though. Any ideas??? Or should I sell it for scrap metal?

Robert M

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Epson is not making alot of parts for that printer, you could buy a working used one for less then the cost of fixing that one.