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Need Help Epson stylus photo 1400 rejecting OEM ink cartridges


New Member
I purchased this Epson Stylus Photo 1400 on Ebay,, not having luck printer accepting the OEM ink cartridges.
If I load the cartridges one by one each time following the instructed by the Status Monitor, after each installation
shows cartridge is full of ink, that is until installing the last cartridge, asking me to install the cartridges shows
them now all with the X, now if I remove one of the cartridge and turn off the printer,, restart. After all that now
it shows all the cartridges ok and asking to install the cartridge I removed. This goes on and on,, just wont
accept the last cartridge. I was thinking maybe it's firmware issue, however I changed mother boards, print head
the CSIC board, checked all connections, changed the panel board. Could use some help if anyone has any idea what's going on..By the way I checked the ink pad counter, which was fine.

Big Rice Field

Electrical/Architectural Sign Designer
Inkjet printer manufacturers are coming up with ways to get consumers hooked on thier product. The printers are sold cheap as they force you to purchase expensive ink cartridges. My HP Envy 4520 had a software driver package that automatically subscribed you to replacement cartridges that were sent automatically and billed you every week (!). I called their tech support and bitched about that and told them I wouldbuy cartriges form Staples when I needed them (about one new cartridge every two months). It sounds to me like you ave spent a lot of time (=$) trying to get it to work. Caveat Emptor when you try to buy cheap from EBay.