Eradication sucks

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I was using Cooley Magic today to eradicate a couple of Cooley Brite faces. Does anyone know what it is made of? The stuff started freezing on the rag while I was using it, and it was still 51º. :frustrated:

In the N Glantz catalog it says one gallon eradicates ~ 325 sq. ft. Took me a little over a half gallon to clean up half of a 6' x 15' face. And I've still got a 4' x 10' to go.



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find an MSDS sheet for it... nothing magic there! (I couldn't find one)

Thx for introducing me to eradication! Never heard of that process.
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Wes Phifer

We used to use lacquer thinner. It was faster and way cheaper. It does take some good gloves to keep it from eating them though.


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We've used acetone to do this. Use nitrile gloves (green). You can also wear cotton string gloves under nitrile gloves to help keep your hands warm. We also use those bathroom sponges with white or blue scotchbrite not green, to do most of the eradication. Pour the acetone into a metal container that you can soak the sponge. Have different buckets and sponges for different levels of removal.From dirty to clean. Use a clean rag for final step.

signcrafters london

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Thanks for the tip about the blue scotchbrite sponges. Putting solvent on with the sponge and wiping it off with a rag made things a hundred times better. Eradication still sucks, just not nearly as badly.