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Error: No ICC profiles selected

Ken Roberts

New Member
I was printing on my Prismjet38 using Flexi8 and wanting to abort the printing job. My usual method is to open the printer dialog box and delete the print much like you would any printer. This has been successful for me on a regular basis. Yesterday I did the same thing, but when I went to re-send the job to the printer, I got a pop up stating "no icc profiles selected". So I go into the job properties to investigate, I find there are none to select, they have all disappered. The only option was to "add" one. I reloaded the software, rebooted the puter, even restored Windows XP to an earlier point in the day no success. Does anyone have any idea what may have happened and how to correct this?
Try to save the the file as a different name and re - rip . If you deleted the the printer Default job props , You have to go into prod.man. ad set it up again.