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espson r1800 VS alps md


New Member
ok im back with more dumb questions which do you all feel is better for very small runs of decals
the epson r1800 or the alps md5000
-would the epson do chrome ,like the alps?
thanks again
:Canada 2:


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Epson will not do chrome. If thats important then the ALPS is the winner. If these are going to be bumper stickers? outside the epson ink may run when wet. Like cdsgraphic said. Apples and Oranges... I can say I have 2 epson printers and as much as I love the quality they can be a pain when they get old. Ink clogs and sometimes drops ink random on the page..


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the md5000 can also be a pain....

But, holds up much better outdoors and can print straight to vinyl...

The Roland PC-12 is almost the same printer with an added cut feature.


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:Canada: and can the pc-12 do chrome?
you guysrock lovingthefeedback
also ialways hear horror stories about the pc-12,is it really that bad?


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The printheads in the colorcamms and technogly is ALPS. The pc 12 can print on chrome but the best thermal resin after the Edge is the Roland 600.