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Need Help Etched edge-lit acrylic


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Looking for a quick turnaround for a 12x16 edge-lit acrylic sign with etched or engraved logo. We have the LED base. Any suggestions? All I have is PlaqueMaker and I’m waiting to hear if they’ll sub the edge-lit acrylic for their clear custom acrylic sign.


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Not sure what you"re asking for here. Are you looking for someone to make the acrylic for the sign?
Nevermind. I’m an idiot... clear acrylic should work fine... I was under the impression that edge-lit acrylic was different... confusing it with Edge GLOW.
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Broome Signs

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Edge lit acrilic is different
you need to use a clear LED panel like perspex S-Lux or G-Lux, Plexiglass have there own brand too
it as mico beeds that help reflect the light
also dont polish the edges mat them down