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etched glass

Terry Nicholson

New Member
has anyone ever done any printing on the etched glass vinyl?
I am attaching a pic of a job I have to do and wondered how printing looks or how you might go about doing this job.


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New Member
Screen printed would work .. I also wonder what effect would a second layer of frosted film over top would look like.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I've never tried it with my Edge. Not sure how well something like EtchMark will hold an image but it probably will.

My concern would be how your print will blend in with the EtchMark. Are you thinking of a black halftone or a silver one?

Terry Nicholson

New Member
Hi Guys

Hi Baz
I never had much to do with screen printing , I could check it out though.
Hi Fred
I was thinking of black halftone. I remember when I first bought an edge back it seems 12 or so years ago that my dealer NDGraphics did some kind of demo with frosted look. I will try to find out.
Thanks for the answers guys.

scott pagan

New Member
we've printed on the etch vinyls using the Edge. the frosted doesn't work well at all. i think we experimented over on 4Edge (even printing with a clear "primer base"?). there may be other tips on that post.

screen printing is very effective on all types of etch vinyls.

Big Daddy Dave

New Member
you might try using "Natural Shadow" I think avery and Calon both make this. Apply your etch then apply the Shadow behind it...

I might try it myself that looks very slick