etchmark question


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i have 21 windows 30high x 36length so im ordering 30" and cutting peices off the roll then applying wet my cost is $20 a yard for etchmark so im figuring $50 a window, too high too low
thanks shane


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"too high too low...?"

best formula is

what you wanna eat+
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150% markup, sounds like what most stores make reselling a product; a product that they don't have to go out to site, prep surfaces, install, eat their mistakes, use years of experience to apply, deal with the rest of the roll that they now own, eat any application errors, warranty, bill. Just thoughts.


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Too low. you should double you material costs, add the trip time, extra prep time to clean the windows (they need to be spotless) and the time and knife blades to trim on the windows.


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I would go about $175 -$200 per window

really!!!!!! i can bang these out in 15min each installed and about 5min to pre cut the sizes so say $40 materials 40 to install each $80 each but $200 each wish i could get that
thanx for the input
I usually charge at least 3x to 4x my materials on odd jobs like this. And if that still sounds too low, I add more. If you say it is $20 in vinyl for each window, that'd be at least $60-80 per window. More if you use transfer tape, application fluid, etc.