Ever heard of 'Baltimore'?


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I have a customer that requested I use a font called Baltimore. I have searched all over the Internet and all I can find is a font called Bad Baltimore (which i know is not the correct font).

Has anyone heard of this font and can tell me where I can find it?



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do what pat says .. i get tired of hunting down fonts .. now i tell them if i dont have it then it is $85 per hour for me to look for it and a deposit for 3 hours is required

Fred Weiss

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Baltimore is a seriously ugly font that is included in the Primafont American Collection (defunct and not available) and also in the Optifont Volume 1 collection from Castcraft-Software.com who is a well known American cloner of typefaces and whose website I have bookmarked but does not load when accessed. Perhaps it will at a later time.

Here's a picture of the font.

Here's their address and phone numbers:

Castcraft Software, Inc.
3649 Chase Ave
Skokie IL 60076 US
+1 708 675 6530, Fax: +1 312 492 8838


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