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Need Help Everbrite EMC Programming Vintage Marlboro sign


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I picked up this sign (Everbrite made) & cannot figure out much about programming it. There is no dongle & I was thinking possibly it is a RF type programmer but Everbrite seems to not know anything about this sign.
I just joined and hopeful someone will have some insight. I guess I could retrofit or something but I don't feel it is trash worthy.

Thank you in advance & I appreciate the knowledge here, I did some searches but nothing seemed pertinent.


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for what i can see you have a few pixels which are out, not sure if these are able to be fixed BUT
if you reverse search in google put in the dimensions and the pixel ratio you may find the LED supplier or even a manual for that size of board


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I do appreciate the post & my searches don't pull up much of anything on this LED. Do you think someone other than Everbrite produced the LED portion of this sign?
I guess I will continue to research. I know it can't be that elaborate of a design, just need to find a solution.
Thank you.


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Thank you. That is a similar type system but I have no input access. I'm going to take this all apart and see what type of access I even have & go from there. I'm sure there is something that could attach someplace but until AI take the sign apart more, I cannot see anything. I would think there has to be a plug of some sort. Wireless wasn't probably used for this sign.
Thank you


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try these guys they have a style similar to what you have
I did get somewhere from a gentleman named Deacon. Hopefully this will help me in my quest.
It's weird the Everbrite tech couldn't help more. At the least - I'd recommend opening the back and getting the board/detail info from the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) which would have the unit serial# - date of manufacture - and Everbrite/other mark. My guess is this was an early remote programmable message center using a simple RF handheld remote to plug in 2-3 variable messages. There are options to replace the controller and such, but it'd actually cost more than just buying a new single color or other simple display system. I'm guessing this was an OEM display from Adaptive Microsystems as it looks like one of their displays that they white-labeled for companies like Everbrite to sell under their name.Possibly one of the older Alpha series displays. If so, they might be able to get you a control remote, but considering the state of the LEDs and likely age of the display - I would advise buying a replacement system. I'm not sure what they charge as they're a competitor and don't exactly share much info with us :)

Deacon Wardlow"


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u can still use a other microcontroller where u have open source availible... for example replace the controller with a arduino and there should come up tons of stuff like this... its basically a led matrix, just search for scrolling led and u will find something


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Great idea. I have removed the AMS controller & you're right, I should just swap controllers.
I guess the LEDS with accept almost anything I throw at them as long as programmed for the amount of LEDS on my matrix.
Thankn you sir.