Everyone Loves A Parade?


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Just wanted to share this.

I got a call yesterday from a potential client wanting 12, 2'x4' signs with 6 different designs and 2-4 colors of lettering per sign with some mixed graphics, for a parade the town is having on July 2 this year.

Vague Idea of what she wanted on them..... No Artwork supplied.

I quoted her $50 + tax, per sign on coroplast including design layout.

Her reply.... "We don't need it to last a long time. We just need it for the day. Can't you just print it on paper?"

My reply to her was... "Yes, I can. That will run you $47 each plus tax."

Of course she's going to "Have to talk to someone about it" and I'm sure I'll never hear from her again. Which is fine.

But........I really do dislike parade season. :smile:

Locals Find!

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You should have told her when she wanted paper that it would be $100 each. Since paper is made from trees and its not a Green Product. So you now charge for the damage to the environment. Where with Coroplast that stuff never goes away so its much better for the environment. When the world goes to hell because of people like her we can build roofs & walls out of all the left over coroplast to stay out of the rain.