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Expanding into vinyl cutting, need help


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Have small home based embroidery and heat transfer business and am going to venture into vinyl cutting. These lists are great, have been learning from heat transfer list and they sent me over here to find more info about cutting. Have Corel 11, am researching which vinyl cutter to buy so am open to any suggestions. Looking at Roland GX-24, but need something that is very SIMPLE to use at my age, lol. Going to Atlantic City ISS show hoping to buy one cheaper at the show.



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roland I believe is only one to cut directly from corel so that helps on needing to guy more software they are simple to run once you get corel & them figured out. It took me about 30 minutes, there's a few simple things to make it work.I 'm sure they are in the Roland thread. If not just ask .


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Graphtec C3000MK2-60 24" cutter comes with quickcut that will cut from corel. I have one and I'm very satisfied.


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Ditto with signage. I have a graphtec 3000 MK2 I cut vinyl and contour cut printed graphics. They can be had for around $1,500.00 at SSK. I've had 2 Roland cutter PNC 1000 and a GX-24) and I can't complain but I really like this one much better.