Expired Permanent Chips for CJV 150


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I bought 4 permanent chips for my Mimaki CJV 150. The problem is that all chips show an expired error (2 months).

Is there a way to change the date of the chips?

They look like the standard red ARCs you can buy everywhere. The supplier can't help.

Thanks Chris


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I've never seen true unlimited chips on a Mimaki that didn't have some sort of chip writer built in. Usually you have to push a button or send a command from a piece of software to reset them. That's not to say they don't exist but I have yet to encounter them. I don't sell that kind of system but I have installed one from Triangle inks that had re-writable chips and a re-setter that would work semi-permanently. The re-setter would only have a set amount of recharges and would need to be refreshed by Triangle eventually. So it uses some sort of serial number system that the machine remembers is my guess.


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If you look on your ink chip, on other side you should see small microchip. Usually it eeprom. What kind of eeprom is it? There are 2 known types one of the DS2430 and another DS2431. There are some devices which can rewrite this eeproms: