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Can anyone explain or have a solution to when I export say, a panel of text from CorelDraw8 34inches x 10 inches as a wmf and then import it into Signgo it shows up as a condensed panel of say 13 x10. The height seems to be as the original, but length is condensed. Is this just something with Corel/Signgo or am I missing something
Thanks in advance


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I just tried the same into signlab with the ext. wmf, and it shrank it just like yours. Hopefully someone can explain the shrinking of that file ext. in different software packages.

Was wondering if your stuck with that file ext. or maybe try another, such as ai?


Fred Weiss

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My thoughts also on using a different file format.

WMF is a linear data format, all straight lines made up of a gazillion nodes, so if you increase the size you will start seeing flat edges where they are supposed to be curves. Also because of all the nodes, your plotter will take longer to complete a cut.

Coming out of Corel, I would suggest you use AI or Illustrator EPS formats, which Signgo will import. Either of these formats use Bezier curves for the data and will give you much smoother and faster cutting.


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I've never used .WMF file formats, but i've had the horizontally compressed problem from casmate to corel while exporting via .eps. Anyone have an idea?