Eye censors in CG-130FX is broken, need a new one!


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The other day our mimaki cg-130fx wouldnt work out of no where. I would close the lever and it would act like it was still open, never asking me to either press roll or leaf. After taking apart the side panel we found out the eye censor that sits on either side of the lever letting the machine know the lever is down had become dislodged and broken. We have called our suppliers, and none of them have them in stock and tell us it'll take up to 3-4 weeks to get one from mimaki. I was wondering if anyone on here knew where I could purchase one that would have one in stock? Its basicly a little three prong connector with a break beam eye.

For the time being I have rigg'd it to work by bypassing the censor via a well placed staple...I bent it and connected the two prongs that read the lever as down together, but this is obviously not a long term fix. I dont trust the machine to do much more then small cut letters for fear of getting knee deep in a 40 foot contour cut and it suddenly stopping on me, or worse 40 ft of cut lettering.

If anyone can point me in the right direction i'd appreciate it, but like I'v said i'v already tried all our suppliers.