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F-16 Silhouette again


New Member
This time, could somebody tell me where I could buy a vectored clip art cd with this on it? I didn't realize such a common image would be such a problem.



New Member
I don't know about free F-16 vectors but here is a link to a free fonts page. The mil. dingbats are what I'm thinking of. And as we all know a TT font is the same as most any vector.

Hope this helps.


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
All TTF and Postscript fonts are 100% vectors. Type the character and convert to outlines and you have a vector graphic.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I could give you a more direct answer if you would tell us what software you are designing in. That is a profile item which you may want to fill in for future reference.

When you enter text on screen it is editable as text for so long as you leave it as such. Under a number of different circumstances, however, you may want or need to convert the text to a non-text vector graphic. The dingbat font in question is a group of vector graphic files which have been assembled into a font.

So what I am saying is to enter the F-16 using whatever keystroke has been assigned to it by the person who made the font to get the character into your workspace. Once there, it will not be fully editable until it has been returned to the non-text condition of being a vector graphic. This is done by:

  • Selecting the text and
  • Clicking the appropriate menu command which varies from one program to the next.
Illustrator = Convert to Outlines
CorelDRAW = Convert to Paths
FlexiSign = Create Outlines

etc. etc. etc.