Fabric Wallpaper

Anyone wrapped interior walls with this? Never heard of this product before anyone have any good companies to purchase this material from?


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Intellicoat and Phototex are the two we use. We get GREAT image quality on our Roland with the Inellicoat. We get good image quality on Phototex, but I just think the colors pop more on the intellicoat.

If you are applying to a wall with any kind of sheen (satin, semi-gloss, gloss) the adhesive on the phototex is much stronger and will last longer. If the wall has a flat finish the intellicoat is a great product.


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Whats the name of the intellicoat product? Its not the GFIOP is it? Or are you referring to the FABTAC?


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The intellicoat material is fabtac. The photo tex material (fellers pg 10) hasn't got a number it's just photo tex.