Facing an Elevator


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I have 2 questions for a job we are doing. Here is the info on the job. We are facing elevator doors. The plan is to reface them about every 30 to 45 days. Here are my questions:

1. Does anyone know how the regulations are on facing elevators? Will they pass inspection with a facing on them?

2. Would you laminate a project like this? I am using 3M IJ35C vinyl.


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Check with the proper local/state department. Their contact info should be on the inspection label on the inside.

Laminate will ease installation and removal if not taped. Either way laminate will help with removal. The vinyl won't want to tear as easy. I'd also let my customer decide. The only real downside is the additional expense but I think that is outweighed by the durability factor.


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My kid used to do elevator installs and I buzzed him on that. While neither of us have enough
data such as inside or out(?) all he could come up with is "what is the fire resistance rating
on the graphic?"

Each jurisdiction is different so do check with the state agency that regulates those units
and get whatever they say (along with the name of who said it) in writing. E-mails will be

Remember, the more explicit the data you give them the more germane and accurate
the answer will be.