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Falcon Jr. Connectivity Problem


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Okay... History: I do large format photo-quality printing, primarily for a couple of niche markets. Displays, posters, etc...

I was buying a printer, and the dealer had a Mutoh Falcon Outdoor Jr in the showroom that they'd been using as a demo machine. It's loaded with ultra inks... They wanted $1,500 for it.

I called my half-bro, who used to be in the sign biz, and he said "go for it." I figure that I can use it for a backup, and maybe do some of the non-paper stuff I'd been farming out to folks...

The Big White Truck came on Tuesday afternoon. When they pulled the Epson 9800 off the back, I'm sure my neighbors figured I'd gone off the deep end, and had went and bought a coffin... Then came the Mutoh...

The 9800 is still in the garage (altho the stand, etc., are nicely set up in my office - I've given in, and I'm asking girls for help this weekend... My girlfriend is bringing her daughter and niece to help get it on the stand... Oh, my manhood...

But I digress...

The Mutoh is currently sitting in the middle of my living room (it is destined for the basement, but the girls don't know it yet...). I've got it plugged in, with a roll of cheapstuff loaded, and it does a nozzle check, etc., just fine.

It came with a little "SEF" network-to-parallel-port dongle, and I followed the directions, and the video on the Mutoh site, and got that set up. My network sees it just fine.

Installed the Photoprint 4.05 RIP that came with (and after playing with it, I'm thinking that flexi... oh heck, ANYTHING else may be a good idea...).

So, then I loaded a jpeg into photoprint, and sized the page and all that, and hit "send."

It opens the production mangler, says it's ripping for a few seconds, and then tells me that "cannot open port" under the status column. Not good. Double-plus ungood.

Tried setting the Mutoh's parallel from bidirectional to old fashioned. No change.

Any ideas? HELP?

(the Graphtec CE5000-120 is showing up on Monday...)


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What a deal on the Mutoh, $1,500.00? The Graphtec CE5000 it very nice too I have a "SEF" network, but not parallel. Mine is USB and is pretty much plug n' play. Just study the manuals.


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The only plug on mine is a Centronics parallel connection... I'm wondering - do you think I could print directly to it via LPT1:?

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Jesus, If you can't get it to work, call me. I'll buy it.
parallel port only on that machine. If you have it USB your wasting your time. In set up make sure you have right driver and machine connected to LPT1. Been there, done that.
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$1500.00 and you want it to Print Too!!!

That must have been a token of their apprecation to you!:wink: If your trying to run on the Ethernet server you're talking about, there should be a disc with the SEH that you run to set that up on your computer. Make sure the address (example is correct in the setup for the printer in Photoprint. That disc will help you find the address of the print server.

Photo print is pretty easy. Just a stripped version of Flexi.


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I've got the SEH intercon-net stuff set up, and I can see the SEH dealie in that, and go out an look at it more in IE. The address is also plugged into photoprint's production manager. Frustrating. It starts to RIP, and then says it cannot open the port. Maybe there's some other config thing I'm missing.

Todd M Castle

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I don't know if this will help but got it from a website.

Cannot Open Port Error--Reseting PrintServer

If your getting a "Cannot Open Port" error, then most likely you have cancelled a job incorrectly, and it has blocked information in the system which in turn will stop any further communication from the computer to the printer.

To restore the communication back;

1. Turn your computer off.

2. Turn Printer off.

3. Unplug the black power cable from the little white box on the side of the printer. Wait about 20 seconds and plug it back in.

4. Turn computer back on.

5. Turn Printer back on.

6. The system should be ready to print again.

Hope this helps


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Okay... Just set up a HPGL plotter targeted at that address... It at least printed something. Now, before I get through with this message...

Went back and switched production mangler from looking for a TCIP port to looking at the specific thing I just created.

SUCCESS! Or at least somewhat - I don't know how buggy things may be...


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Here's what I did...

And thanks a bunch, guys... Y'all got me thinking in a different direction. Still may just direct connect via parallel... The SEH seems to go offline after about 5 minutes... Yeah, I know... It's probably some setting somewhere...


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