Falcon Junior shadow/shift print


Houston we got a problem.

Junior was working fine untill the shadow (shift printing) suddenly happened from one day to the other.
I found it out when I tried printing from Flexi 8.1.
When I tested with Onyx ripcenter 6,5 I get no shadow print.
I checked the test print from Junior itself but all looked fine.
Formated the harddisk of the Print pc and installed Onyx and flexi again.
Ran through all uni and bi directional settings in maintenance but all still fine.

If you look at the picture the shift/shadow is always a fixed size.
If I set Flexi in CYM mode there is no shadow/shift if I set it in CYMK the shadow /shift happens.

In Onyx I cant find a option to set it in CYM to do the same check.

Some one ever seen this before and has a lead to where I have to look?

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Looks like you have a imbedded cast shadow to me. I'd open it in Flex and go to effects and see if there is a shadow attached.


Thanks for the reply.
I checked the file in Flexi again but it does not have a shadow there either.
In rip and print of Flexi the file looks good too, no shadows.
It looks like the black is shifted that together with the CYM should make the full CYMK image.

It does this shadow with old files and new created files like this one.

Some more info.
The file is created in Coreldraw X4.
Converted to PSD in 150 dpi in 100% original size.

hope this helps more.

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Some more info.
I did some more testing and come to a believe that the problem is machine related and not software although two rips show different results. L
When I print previous made files with Onyx they all are smaller in size overall for x and y axis.
Although no shift or shadow visible the print colours are correct but smaller to the same amount flexi shows the shadows/shift of 10 mm.

In the machines user menu the size correcting is set to 0%.
I can’t find any other setting to change or compensate for the shift or size difference.
Tonight I will test again and see if with size correction on the machine set to higher value I can correct the 10 mm size difference to produce 100% size prints.


Solved one of the problem.
In Onyx after the fresh install I set all media sizes to 24".
When I changed it to 38" the resize problem is gone.
So with Onyx no problem, making me beleive it isnt the printer.....

For Flexi I reinstalled it once again but still same problem.
If I switch off color correction I see things change witht he shadow but with the standard settings this should not happen.