Falcon Outdoor JR dumping ink...


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Okay, I've an issue- thought I had the lines clogged, and may well have. Ran a cleaning and nozzle check and changed a cartridge. No luck, got black where it should be cyan (muddy black).
Next morning, I came in to find a river of ink all over the floor (is multicolor grout in fashion?)
figured the clog truly let loose after I'd left the room the previous day. Good news is my colors worked well after I replaced the now-empty cartridges...Cool beans, now I'm on the right track, way to go, problem solved!
only not. ..it happened all over again over the weekend. Cleaned it up and lined the floor under the waste bottle (the source of the overflow) with plastic and rags.
All was well so far this week...so today I did another nozzle check and it ain't pretty. More empty cartridges and muddied colors.
what the hey? Why is it purging all this ink?

First time, I thought I 'got it' in that there was a clog and it released itself, and the several cleaning processes I'd run caught up after I was gone.
The second time I can't explain. I hadn't run the clean function that day.

P Wagner

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I would suggest that the reason that the ink is running into the waste bucket is because of swolen sponges in the two maintenance/ capping stations of the printer. When the sponges swell, and come in physical contact with the parked printheads, this can cause ink to release into the capping station, through the lines, and into the bucket (and then all over the floor).

FYI, Mutoh recommends that the cap tops be replaced on a 6 month frequency.