Falcon Outdoor Jr (Windows 7 & Flexi 10)

We are getting a new printer in the next couple of weeks. We are still going to use our old Falcon Outdoor Jr. But with the new printer we are getting Windows 7 update (from XP) and moving to Flexi 10.

Will the Falcon Outdoor Jr. work with both of these? (Windows 7 & Flexi 10) Any special instructions we should be following?



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The Falcon Outdoor Jr. will work with both Windows 7 and Flexi10 if you are using it through an Ethernet adapter. It should also work through a parallel cable but most new computers don't have parallel ports anymore. What version of Flexi are you updating from? If you are on version 8.1 or earlier you will need to export your profiles for the Falcon Jr. as preset files to be able to bring them into version 10 of Flexi.

Just out of curiosity which printer are you upgrading to?