FB500 Error


I have an FB500 and I am getting the following error: E-GN-3, "Image Sensor Failed to Initialize". The printer is usable, I am just unable to us the built in measuring system -- I have to manually do it.

I have restarted the printer 3 times and it is still showing up as disabled. Has anyone seen this problem or know how to address it?

I am trying all my avenues before spending $195.00 to talk to HP about it.



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Not sure if this will help or not but we had a camera error that keep it from measuring the media. The tech cam in and it ended up that all he had tro do is power down the unit, unplug the purple cable that attached to the carrige, replug the cable in and refire the unit up and it worked fine after that.


This doesn't solve your problem, but here is what the error codes and warning document says for E-GN-3:

"The software failed to initialize a subsystem of the printer." In your case it would be related to the image sensor. It says to "request software fix". It may just need the firmware reinstalled, but I'm not sure.


Thanks for the feedback everyone. Except you jikard, I don't want to think about getting a new IO board!

I think I'll power it down and try to un-plug and re-plug the purple cable like sfd122 suggested. I want to say that this all started AFTER I installed a software update, so maybe it didn't take. It has worked from April 2011 - April 2012 with zero issues until this. Great printer. Even without the camera I am able to work with it fine, just have a few small alignment problems.