FC7000-130 drivers, how to


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I'm asking for information about instructions for porting to this machine from Signlab 4.95 (win98SE), 5.0 and/or 7.1, Flexi Pro 8.0 rev3 (all WinXP), and finally FlexiExpert 6.6.1 (mac version). I haven't found drivers via Graphtec, Cadlink or SAI for any version of Signlab or the Flexi 6.6.1 mac version. Could another Graphtec driver be reconfigured to work for any of these programs?


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The FC7000-130 is supported at SignLab 7.1 level

If you go to the CADlink web site (www.cadlink.com), look along the top menu and go Downloads >> Plotter Drivers.

The FC7000-130 is supported by SignLab 7.1.


Rod at CADlink