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FC7000-75 v 5100-75


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Hi all,
I have an old Summa d620 and want to upgrade to a cutter with reg mark sensing.
A supplier here sells Graphtec and they're getting in a batch of FC7000's.
They have a 5100 on the floor that they want to move, so they're gonna cut me a deal on it.

Now both of these machines from this dealer are a bit pricey compared to $USD. I'm in Australia where our dollar is around 72cUS.
So the 7000-75 for around $3000 USD should be about $4200 AU.
They want $7,000 for the 7000 model.

The deal on the 5100-75 with reg mark sensor retrofitted is $5500 including stand and 2 yr warranty.

I'm thinking of getting the 5100 but would like to hear your opinions.

I'm really only upgrading for the contour cutting ability. (I use Signlab 7.1 print & cut)

Is there much difference between the 2 models as far as ease of use and accuracy for contour cutting/reg mark sensing?

Is the 7000 any better at the way it searches out the marks? (why do they call it Advanced reg mark sensing)

Is the 7000 more accurate in the way it compensates for distortion/skew? (something about 4 point axis alignment v 3 point??)

I don't want to get the 5100 and then regret not springing for the 7000 instead if it's a better machine.

Then again, I'd rather get the 5100 for the price if it performs contour cutting as easily and accurately as the 7000.

Opinions appreciated



It's better to have two hands than one glove.
I've only encountered 5100's en passant and I have a 7000 which I wouldn't trade for 2 of anything else so understand my prejudices when I say go for the 7000.

There, it's settled.


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i have a 5100-75, and it's been wonderful so far. I can't see paying $5,500 for it though. I got mine brand new shipped to my door from graphtec for under $3,000 ... and that included the stand and media catch.


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Bob you're a classic!

The $5500 is $AU - which is around $4000 USD.
When I see the FC7000 advertised for under $3000USD I figure that they were both sold at about the same price initially? ie the new FC7000 series is no more expensive than the superceded 5100 series was.

In other words I feel I should be paying the same for a 7000 as for the 5100?


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I have the FC7000 and it's worth the money. So i really donr know what you want. It is the most sofistacated cutter i'v ever seen!


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What I really want is the 7000 for the price of the 5100!

In reality, the FC7000 for $7,000 is still a good buy. My old Summa cost $6,000 about 8 or 9 years ago, and a few years before that I bought my first cutter - a Roland PNC1000 for.....$6,000!


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I purchaced the 7000 fc 75 for 2800

hate to say it @ sw...

had a 4100 before

7000 is really great...

5100 will probably do what you want also.


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Well I went back to the dealer today (to see a demo of the HP900s) and had chance to ask if he could do any better on the price for the FC7000-75.
They dropped it to around $6300 (as a "show special") so I ordered it on the spot.

Thanks for the input here. I reckon I made the right decision to go with the 7000 instead of the retrofitted 5100.

Pick it up next week - should be good!