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Trying to get the new plotter to work correctly, this is what it is doing. I just got a FC7000-75 and in the middle of my first cut and halfway through it stopped cutting and is giving a XPOSITION ALARM, what should I do to continue cutting? I looked in PDF manual and did not find anything, and SW is no good for returning tech calls for at least 3 days.


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Perhaps a couple of things to check. First make sure that both pinch rollers are set to max pressure via the levers on the back.

Second, especially if the error occured when feeding media back into the machine, check your pen up speed. You want it to be no more than the pen down speed, if that.

If the pen up speed, and the pen down speed for that matter, is too brisk the media is pushed through the plotter faster than it can fall and it tends to lift off of the sensors.

You also want to enable pen up moves, disable program control, and enable auto pre-feed.

In the plotter's manual...

Pinch roller force: page 3-15
Pen up speed: page 6-51.
Pen up moves: page 8-3
Program control: page 8-2 under 'Condition Priority'
Auto Pre-Feed: page 6-3
BOB You are a great man, I did as you instructed and it seems to working fine now.
Should I leave the settings like this pretty much from now on?
Also I really like the 3' auto feed, keeps from jerking the vinyl off the feed rollers like my Panther did!


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Bob is the man, when it comes to Graphtec. He has helped me more than Graphtec support ever has. It can be frustrating to get a new piece of equipment, and want to throw it in the Dumpster. In case I didn't thank you before, Bob thanks for helping me not to go dumpster diving.
Bob if you ever start selling equipment let me know,I will buy from you no matter what the price(within reason) just for the support!! Thanks again Bob!


It's better to have two hands than one glove.
Aw shucks...But to answer Vinnie's question, yes, leave the settings right there unless you have some actual specific reason to change any of them.