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FC8600-160 is giving E03001 error


New Member
I have tried everything I can think of. The plotter keeps giving me the E03001 error. I use Flexi for the plotter.

I've tried:
-Resetting the plotter to factory settings.
-Changed the command type to HP-GL
-Reinstalled Flexi

and i get the same error.

Joe House

New Member
Make sure that you have the FC8600 selected in Flexi and not the FC8600 GPGL.
Also, this could be caused by noise on your data cable. If you're using USB, make sure that you don't have any extensions or hubs between the plotter and the computer. Try a new USB cable. Check for updated USB drivers at GraphtecAmerica.com.
If you're connected via Ethernet cable, try connecting directly from the computer to the plotter, not going through any network or switches. Try a new Cat6 cable - better noise rejection than Cat 5 or lower.

Good Luck


New Member
I got ahold of SAi and they installed an updated Flexi. Now it works right. I don't know if there was a setting in Flexi to change it to HPGL.