Feed Comp Problem?


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I have a JV33-160 and last week I printed 4 joining panels (as separate files) and for some reason the middle 2 panels were sqashed 10mm shorter. I was told to clean the rollers and heater bars, which I did and have been doing so since (I even use silicone spray to keep it extra smooth).
This week I printed a 9 panel wallpaper and used my Rasterlink software to tile. When the installer tried to get the job done none of the panels matched up and we have run at a huge loss.
Can anyboyd help me with this problem? I'm desperate for answers so I can reprint the wallpaper with peace of mind.


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it is most likely a rasterlink setup rather than hardware malfunction. double check your tiling settings. are you checking the overlapping option? did you print the overlapping marks?