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File COnversion


New Member
Well I just got my first vinyl cutter and very exciting as I am hooking it up now. I want to make a decal for a window of a maltese cross (fire department symbol) A firend of mine who has a cutter has the perfect design he is going to send me to try out but he states it is in .SM format (He uses Sign Mate).

I am using Corel Draw 12 for graphic design. He said he is unable to convert to anything other than a .SM file extension. He is going to try to convert it to a .EPS so I can import it into Corel Draw but doesnt think he can do it. Does anyone here have a way of converting a .SM to a .EPS?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Tell your friend to click on Export instead of Save or Save As. He will then have the option of selecting AI-EPS as the export format. Also tell him to make sure that any text has been converted to outlines.