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Find my Font isn't helping me


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I posted last week but I just know some of the experts on here missed it because I have never stumped them. I need both fonts.


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Don't know what it's called but I see it everywhere on shirts and all manner of craft stuff. Take a walk through Hobby Lobby and about half of the items on display with some sort of text are using this ridiculous script. It should be easy to find and right next to it will no doubt be whatever type face 'FALL' is set.


I've seen both, or at least close, on dafont.com - go to category "Handwritten" - type the text in the preview box. It shouldn't be very difficult to find one similar.


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I have "Find my Font" as well and know that it isn't good at identifying these types of handwritten style fonts. Does anyone know of a program that does?


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Yeah visit Fontspace.com and there's a hundred similar script fonts like this.