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Suggestions finding logo creator


New Member
So to cut to the chase recently found really well done vector logo design - its basically animal shape but whoever made it did it perfectly for plotting cutting has over 60 pieces to weed.as made t shirt for myself and with right color combination it looks amazing, my idea would be to weak it a bit and maybe incorporate my own company name into it or use as main logo with few tweaks.

Now one of the hurdles i see that another company is using same design for their apparelel-hats etc with different tweaks to it so i wouldn't be in direct competition by any chance since only starting and they are US based where im EU.

Now main question is i could easily knock it off as dunno how i found it but it was pitch perfect made without need to convert it etc,and go on without any care, but wanting to do right how would i go finding original creator and buying it off to use for my needs, as tried google reverse image search and found two shops that either make t-shirts and hats, id like to avoid places like stuttershock etc and find original person who made it.

Any advise appreciated.