fire retardant substrate needed


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Does anyone know of a fire retardant substrate that has the following properties:
can be cut on router
relatively inexpensive

We got asked to quote a job that involves cutting 36" high letters and suspending them from the ceiling above a stage, my first thought was 1" thick foam, but it needs to be flame retardant.

Any help would be appreciated

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We are thinking of using Sign•Foam signs in signs at airport terminals.They have strict non flammable codes even although we are doing the signs for a BOOKSTORE, go figure. Does Sign•Foam have any fire rating and could it have with a specific paint finish?

We have Sign•Foam signs in many airports, as well schools, hotels and casinos. These places all tend to have strict fire codes. Each situation will have to be evaluated independently. We do have some flame spread and fire testing information available and we would be happy to provide that to you. Sign•Foam has a fire retardant built into the chemical formula and it is self-extinguishing. However, to the smoke that is generated it can not be rated as a “class A” building material.

We know of several cases where signmakers use a fire-proof primer. Benjamin Moore make a fire-proof primer called “IronClad”. Often times the inspectors will accept the fire-specs of the primer as that of the whole sign. By all means, do your homework, if we can provide you with any specific information, please let us know.

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