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First time caller...


New Member
Hello, new to the vinyl end of the sign making business.

I own a printing company in east/central Indiana. We've been printing signs (coroplast, propylene, styrene, ethylene, ploy-carb, etc.) and have just recently purchased a vinyl cutter.

The bulk of our business has always been graphic design, apparel printing and ad specialty (pad printing) but the signs have been an increasing source of income for us.

We were farming so much business out to local shops and getting killed with their lead times and prices that we finally decided to get one ourselves.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and see what this board is all about.

Any suggestions, comments post 'em up.


Arlo Kalon 2.0

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Hi Burke... nice amusing avatar! Where abouts in E. central IN? I put wife thru college at Ball State by running sign shop out of a garage at our apartment near the center of the campus. That was 25 yrs ago now. Good times back then - doing Pepsi wall signs all over 7 counties! Welcome to this board - it's the best.


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Welcome Burek. I'm just up north of ya in Michigan, but you will find Signs101 is global and very informative.


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Couple hrs away from me!!! Welcome to :signs101: . Hope you got a set of waders to wear while your hear cuz this group throws out so much info, newbies get to wade through!! Dont hesitate to ask questions!! I learn something new everyday!!