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First time doing a head replacement


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Thanks to some helpful members here, did my first successful head change about four months ago (Oct '22).
And as curious minds have a need to know, did what comes naturally.

Still not sure what the jet nozzle plate is made of, and at this point wondering if it's titanium - but as long as it works - who cares.
It is however, tougher than expected.
That said, twas time well spent. So here's a rough cut from that experience.



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Nice video
My guess for the nozzle plate material is some sort of beryllium copper alloy. And then some coating... Roland introduced a DX4 head with a new type of coating for the LEF UV printers lately.
The corrosion around the nozzle holes should make it clear, that no extended soaking will make deflected nozzles go away.
I disassembled my first DX4 twenty years ago under a microscope and found that out, after using different solvents to recover a head.
It's wasted time and only prolongs the suffering... (of hoping and letting customers wait or selling subpar quality)


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I'm not sure what the metal for the nozzle plate is but I do know it has a Teflon coating.
You made me think more on this, that perhaps the deflection isn't caused so much by erosion of the orifice(s), though possibly due to the aggressive surface decay around the holes - where the coating has failed. And appears that once far enough away from the holes, decaying subsides, to some degree.
And as the ink buildup in those areas dries fast, can cause change in the topology of the surface (not excluding fluids more easily seeping in between the surfaces), and resulting in the cause and effect of bad prints.

I have seen some less expensive DX4 heads posted on aliexpress, and they state 'unlocked' (whatever that's supposed to mean).
So I contacted a vendor requesting further description of what they are posting and twas clarified that they were 'refurbished'.
My best guess would be that they are replacing the plates? Be worth a try if one has acces to components and is skilled, however as so little is known by us consumers, personally, I prefer the guaranties of paying full price by trusted vendors.

All said, it makes for interesting thought.