Flesh tone foil question (spectratone)


I'm here for educational purposes.
My flesh is pretty fair, with a lot of freckles. My husband and daughter however, while "white people" tan better in the sun... You looking for a winter or summer persuasion? Ginger white, or well tanned blond?

victor bogdanov

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Just use crayons
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While very subjective here are some I have seen customers use in the past for skin tones.
Beige over yellow (close to Pantone 1205)
Beige over white. (close to Pantone 468)
spectrashade over beige (close to Pantone 2324)
spectraTint over beige (close to Pantone 2309)
If you have a pantone book find a color you like and then enter it into the Gerber Spectratone Palette and it will tell you the 2 foils to use to get the closest match. (look for a delta E less than 3 for a good match or less than 5 for an ok match) As always print a sample and see how it looks with your specific application and let us know what you ended up using :)