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  • If you like old greeting cards you would like mine, I am probably older than your mom.
    I even have some which belonged to my great-grandma. I used to have a ton of antique postcards too but one year I sold 'em because I was so broke! They weren't sentimental value ones.
    I am one of those gals who like the card better than the present.
    Hey you! Na I didn`t get scared off. I`m always lurking around on this site, Nearly everyday just reading and learning. I just noticed you sent a message though. Biz is REAL slow up here. I dont know if I told you but I`m in Hot Springs Va for the summer. It`s a REALLY small town and it`s backwoods. My girlfriend is a tennis pro and she got a contract up here for the summer at the homestead resort, There`s not much other than that around here. It`s been awesome but not for signmaking! We`re going back to Southern Ca for the winter so I think I`ll do much better there! I`m just getting into this business and I really enjoy it. Her dad works for fellers vinyl supply in PA and he got me into this. I`ve made a few banners, magnetics and real estate signs since we`ve been up here though. Not nearly enough but at least I`m learning how to do it and making some $$$. Well thats whats going on with me...Hey arent you located in PA?
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