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  • how you been Al? I canceled my FB back in may.... i miss your photos.... not the weird & gross food ones however. Hope all is well :)
    Hi Shovelhead,

    I wanted to intro myself to you...My name is James "Perks" Perkins, I am originally from Boston, learned sign lettering from my dad Freddy Perkins, and I now work for a Co. in Philly laying prints and vinyl ... anyways to make a long intro longer, I was looking to see if you would be able help me out with a software issue for a Super Sprint Plotter which I purchased recently ( with LMK program module and a LMK interface/No monitor) ? Early last month there was a thread I read regarding used Omega software program some folks were interested in finding to run their plotters, and I am kinda in the same situation and just want to make the correct move.

    Thanks Perks
    Shovel, I have a broker which sends me quite a bit of business. She wants me to quote (50) 3x8 s/f banners with green block copy for a customer in the NY area. I hope I don't offend you by asking what you would quote these for, but, Alabama's pricing structure must be less than what you might be asking and I don't want to leave dollars on the table. It may be that I would simply give the job to you if shipping would eat any profits up. I would have charged $128 per, locally.
    After consultation with a few people here, the guy is coming Saturday. Hopefully with
    my soon-to-be Softail rolling chassis in tow.
    Thanks for wondering about this we have contacted many graphic designers and they just can’t do what we want.
    We are wanting images of stuff like . Mule deer, elk, moose, whitetail deer, etc.
    We want them to look tough, muscular, trophy animal.
    You can email me directly if you like eaddesigns@gmail.com
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