Flexi 19 Color Management


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Good evening!

I'm looking for suggestions about color issues and the generic .icc profiles in Flexisign 19.

I'm having an issue with yellow printing correctly on a Mutoh printer. When I print anything with alot of yellow or mixed with yellow (red, orange, green, etc) the colors come out dull and not vibrant like they should.
I changed all the parts on the printer that could be causing the issue and still nothing has changed (good test prints, decent nozzle checks)

Last year I was running an old version of Flexisign (Flexi 12 I believe) and didn't seem to have these issues but upgraded to Flexi 19. I'm curious if it could be the .icc profile?

In Advanced Color Management:
Originally I ran
CMYK: GRACOL2006_Coated1v2
RGB: sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Gray: GRACOL2006_Coated1v2

Since I've upgraded it's set to
CMYK: U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2
RGB: Adobe RGB (1998)
Gray: U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2

When I switch to the original profiles after upgrading the colors started coming out much darker than they should have been.

Could the profiles be the issue and is there any suggestions for better profiles?

Thank you for your time!


With FS you have Two Options:
Color Correction, which works very well with the Pantone Color Bridge CMYK Values.
however, these colors look like mud across the board.

No Color Correction: Yes you can be all day dialing in a color and run off 5 yards of material. (I buy cheap psa vinyl just for this) However if you change a printhead you
will be dialing in that color again.

To illustrate this Print a swatch of PMS 286 Use Color Correction
Now print another swatch C100/M85/Y0/K0, Here you should see a deep and vibrant PMS 286 that is aFormula Guide match.

You do have a Pantone Color Bridge?
If not, Get One.
I print mostly Gloss so therefore I use the Coated Stock Guide.
If you print Matte Vinyl, you need the UnCoated Stock Guide.

Hope this helps.


CorelDRAW is best
You didn't mention what type of file you're printing. We have found that using Pantone colors will produce the best color output. 90% pdf's but if too raster heavy, RGB tiff @ 150dpi.