Flexi 19 Templates - Layers, Objects, Master Page, Page 1

Jeff Carr

New Member
I am trying to understand how to make a proper template page in Flexi 19.

I designed my, from scratch, new Template.
In my LAYERS tab in the DesignEditor window,

All of the background stuff (our logo, borders, etc) that do not change from proof to proof are on
Layer 1

All of the Data Form stuff (Image, <<date>>, <<job #>>) are on LAYER 2

Looks like this:

The problem:
When I APPLY TEMPLATE to a job I designed,
it puts everything (all of the Background stuff & Data form stuff) in a new Layer 1.
(highlighted in Blue)
And gives me non-accessible Layer 1 & Layer 2 (see THIS pic)

What am I doing wrong / not doing to set the template correctly?