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Flexi 7.5 Special Edition VersaCamm


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I recently purchased a new VersaCamm and it come with Colorip2 software. It works pretty good, but is somewhat bulky in it's use because everything has to be exported from the design software, in my case, Flexi Sign Pro 7.5. I really enjoy using Flexi, but it's RIP dont control the VersaCamm like it should. Such as, you cant print, laminate, then cut. As well, when sending a RIP, it won't let the heater in the VersaCamm reach "user/printer set" operating temp before printing. Anyway, I have searched and found that some companies are offering a Flexi 7.5 Special Edition VersaCamm package. Not sure if this is an upgrade, or 3rd party plug in, and was wondering if anyone has it yet - and if so, found it to be worthy of the costs in added control features and not just profiles. I have also searched the Scanvec site, which makes Flexi, and can not find anyting on their site about this software package advertised on other sites.

PS: For all you Convex users, I have sampled with no telling how many profiles and have found that by simply using no profiles, or default profiles, (dependant on RIP), and adjusting heat and ink limits, it works pretty good. My biggest problem has been matching colors to the best possible need for the job. It's amazing how color can change with the simple settings of DPI, Ink Limits and heat. If anyone has taken time to make conversions of MX bike colors to RGP, I sure would like them. And if there is anything I might could help with, please ask. I am new at this, but I don't sleep until I find acceptable results.

Fred Weiss

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Hi Bryan .... I don't have a VersaCamm but am a Flexi user and occasional beta tester for them. I haven't heard of any special package but will make some inquiries.

Where did you see or hear about it?

You might want to post the same questions at ScanvecAmiable Forums and see if anyone there knows anything about it.