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you guys and gals that have flexi I recently bought some equipment and recived a copy of flexi with my perchase I was wondering what it may be worth I am thinking about selling it ...
it is flexi sign pro version print and cut 7.6 for windows.it is a legal copy complete with dongle (usb) new I think it retails for 3500 4k?
not shure //chopper
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Fred Weiss

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SAI will charge a transfer fee but if you have the dongle it is legal. No idea what the market is as far as establishing the value.

high impact

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We purchased a used 7.6 flexi-pro a year and a half ago for $1500 plus SAI charged us $200 (if I remember correctly) to transfer registration and support product. Now that 8.0 came out I would think the value has decreased somewhat.

RJ California

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I think I paid around $700 to upgrade from 7.6 to 8.
I believe retail on Flexi 8 Pro is over $4,000. I paid considerably less when I bought Flexi Pro the first time because I already owned competing sign software.

---- I think $1500 would be fair to you and the buyer. You should verify what the upgrade cost will be though.