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Flexi-7.7v1 Will not print and cut at same time?


New Member
I just added Flexi 7.7v1 MAC but still have 7.5-PC

Now on the PC 7.5 I set it to RIP and print at the same time! and I can send a cut file while the printer is printing.

On the MAC I can not find where to set the Rip to Rip and Print at the same time. I also can not send a file to cut when the printer is printing!

This is starting to piss me off! is there any one who can tell me what the heck I'm overlooking here.



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Come on there has got to be a Flexi
in the house!


New Member
go into production manager, then advanced, then at the bottom there is a tab for contour, click it, select as hybrid.
Prints and cuts at the same time.
Or are you trying to do something else?


New Member
there either is no Advanced tab on the MAC or I can't find it!

That is what I did on the PC and it works great... but I can't seem to find it on the MAC


New Member
No there is no option in the preferances like there is on the PC!

It's got to be in there some ware.. I bought a used copy so Scanvec wants to charge me for the tech support.. Maybe I'll try to play stupid and call again.

Damn the software works so much better on the MAC too and I can't see them leaving this option out!


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Have a look!

I'll email them! I forgot about their e support


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Damn their e support is Jacked!...

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e14'

Line 8: Incorrect syntax near 'm'.

/esupport_submit.asp, line 23

Now I will fax them or e-mail them!!!!

Mike Paul

Super Active Member
I'm sure you tried this but:
Make sure "send now" is selected not "hold in list" in P. Managers cut/plot window.
Sorry that was not very clear . When you send from flexi you get the preview screen RIP - Print dialog box etc. Top left there is the box that has your printer and then properties