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Flexi 7 with Summa DuraChrome printers


New Member
Just wondering if anyone runs this setup... I'm having some trouble getting the file to send to the printer. I think it is sent, but the printer just advances media and doesn't print.

I'm hoping to run directly from Flexi because of our OPUS cutter setup. I have no trouble sending to the HP and cutting, but for some reason, the Summa is giving me some grief.


New Member
Sending to the DC3 from Flexi

I have a client and good friend currently running the Summa DC3 via ethernet connection with FlexiSign Pro 7.5v4 on PC without too many issues at all.

Give me a shout via email : bobby at flexiezine dot com

Maybe I could help you out a little.

Bobby Fosson


New Member
We are running a DC1, have not been able to use Flexisign on it, nor importing the spotcolors to Flexisign. Any ideas?
Summa support have been very helpful to us, but they seem to know little about flexisign.